Occupational Therapy

At Pediatric Psychology Services of Colorado, we are committed to being a support for both you and your child. Occupational therapy can improve your child’s quality of life and well-being by promoting their independence and overall development. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our psychologist and team of pyschological professionals for occupational therapy in Glenwood Springs, Rifle and Grand Junction, Colorado, please call 970-665-4744! Dr. Swann, Michele Gonzales, BCBA, and our team are excited to get to know your child and be a caring guide for them.

What Is Occupational Therapy?
Occupational therapy involves faciliating your child’s participation in their everyday activities and routines. We always center therapy on your child’s unique needs and capabilities to improve their health and quality of life.

Benefits of occupational therapy include:

  • Improved growth and development
  • Promotion of inclusive environments
  • Strengthened child-family bonds
  • Increased engagement with family
  • Increased participation in daily routines
  • Improved academic skills
  • Improved play and leisure skills

Our Approach
Our occupational therapist, Emily Bassett, believes that children learn best doing what they do best — PLAY! Treatment sessions are based in the context of play, exploration and fun and provided by a licensed pediatric occupational therapist with advanced training in sensory processing, visual motor skills, fine motor skills and independent living skills.

We offer the following pediatric occupational therapy services:

  • Comprehensive evaluations, screenings and consultations
  • Individual occupational therapy with direct service sessions at the clinic
  • Collaboration with parents and teachers
  • Collaboration with other professionals involved with client and family

We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in beginning occupational therapy with our team. We are here to be the resource you and your child need!