Autism Spectrum Evaluations

Autism spectrum disorder is characterized by two primary features: constant and persistent deficits in social communication and behavior across multiple contexts, and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviors that cause significant distress if disrupted. Autism is defined by three levels of severity:

  • Level 1 – requiring support
  • Level 2 – requiring substantial support
  • Level 3 – requiring very substantial support

Children with autism spectrum disorder may also express a desire and insistence on sameness and inflexible in their routines. They may also have highly fixated interests that are at abnormal levels of intensity. They may have indifferent or intense reactions to sensory input or sensory aspects of their environment. They may also lack social affect and have difficulty creating, maintaining and understanding relationships with other people.

An autism spectrum evaluation can take around three to five hours, as it depends on the age and participation level of your child. We can test children as young as 18 months up to adult individuals. The evaluation is tailored to be appropriate to the individual’s age and developmental level. Parents and guardians should be prepared to accompany their child and bring snacks or any other types of encouragement they feel will help keep them motivated during the evaluation. They should also be prepared to fill out questionnaires and provide information on the child’s background history and symptoms. This evaluation will determine where your child falls on the spectrum and the level of support they need. Our psychologist and team are skilled at differentiating between autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual disorders, such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and can accurately determine the kind of support or further treatment they might need.

If you have any other questions about autism spectrum evaluations in Glenwood Springs, Rifle and Grand Junction, Colorado, or would like to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Nichole Swann, Michele Gonzales, BCBA, and our team of psychological professionals, please call Pediatric Psychology Services of Colorado today at 970-665-4744!

Resources for Autistic Patients
For more information on autism, please click here. If you are an adult and you believe you may be on the autism spectrum, we invite you to click here to take a free test.

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, we encourage you to look through the 100 Day Tool Kit. This kit provides your family with the tools you will need to navigate this diagnosis. If you are interested in learning more about autism and the research involved, please click here.

For patients in Colorado, we encourage you to visit the Autism Colorado website. With this site, you can find local providers, summer camps, support groups and so much more.

Para pacientes de habla hispana
Para obtener más información sobre el autismo, puede obtener más información visitando el sitio web de Autism Speaks. Si a su hijo le han diagnosticado autismo, le recomendamos que consulte el Kit de herramientas de 100 días para obtener más información sobre cómo navegar el diagnóstico.

También puede conocer los signos del autismo visitando el sitio web de Autism Speaks aquí. Los padres pueden obtener más información sobre el tratamiento del autismo haciendo clic aquí.